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Black & White Leather Cork Arch Earrings

$12.00 $9.60

Black & White Leather Cork Arch with Gold Stud Earrings

Trendy statement earrings with a fun, modern look.

These cork leather earrings have a bold arch shape. Made with high quality cork on the front and vegan leather in the back to ensure they keep their shape! Extremely light weight!!!

Drop measures: 


The ear post or wire is stainless steel for sensitive ears. Lead and Nickel free.

| LAURELMACY curated goods |

these earrings are sourced by LAURELMACY

Made in Paris, AR by women who are overcoming addiction so they can provide for their families and regain self confidence. When you purchase these earrings you are helping to provide an opportunity for women to overcome and become better and stronger individuals for themselves, their families, and their local community.